11 December 2018

Cultural Transformation

By Birsen Çevik Akgünlü

The World Economic Forum‘s article on New Generation Organisations, which I read after my last post on ‘Keys to Success in Digital Transformation’, complemented each other.

Concepts such as ‘leadership understanding, competent and empowered organisation and transparent communication’, which are mentioned as the keys to success of Digital Transformation, come together like two pieces of a puzzle when considered from a Cultural Transformation perspective.

The article shares valuable resources on the new generation leadership approach:

My summary of this rich article:

  • Organisations become more complex as they grow. The need for control and standardisation that comes with growth brings with it a lot of processes, procedures, policies and bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the correlation between bureaucracy and innovation/performance is negative…
  • Most large companies that aim to bring good talents and innovative perspectives into the organisation restrict the mobility of the same talents due to bureaucracy or hierarchy…
  • Companies that get rid of bureaucracy and apply flexible approaches based on principles and authority can maintain their start-up spirit and creativity…
  • In order to be successful in the VUCA world, we have to renew our perspective and corporate culture…

Organisations that are free from hierarchy, where controls are replaced by empowerment, open to experimenting and learning new ideas, transparent communication and doing meaningful work will make a difference!

Link: Is management era over?

Enjoy your reading,


December 2018