8 December 2018

Keys to Success of Digital Transformation

By Birsen Çevik Akgünlü

Just as the concept of ‘Change Management‘ has entered all areas of business life, we see that ‘Digital Transformation‘ has become an integral part of business strategies as of the 2010s…

Successful examples of ‘change management’ in the first applications were quite few. A lot of analyses were made, articles were written, lessons were learned and as the learnings were put into practice, the number of successful examples started to increase. I am transforming that we are on a similar learning curve regarding digital transformation projects.

The attached article prepared by McKinsey discusses 5 key factors that are critical for transformation projects to be successful:

  1. Leadership
    Management teams that are knowledgeable about digital technologies, trigger and embrace transformation and are role models with their behavioural changes.
  2. Competence
    Ensuring that the transformation project team consists of expert talents in their fields and allocating resources to the development of the digital competencies of the organisation.
  3. Authorisation
    Redefining work processes and job descriptions, involving employees in these design studies and extending the approval authority throughout the organisation. Creating a competent organisation that generates new ideas, takes risks and questions.
  4. Implementation
    Embedding digital tools and self-serve technologies into daily business practices and updating them regularly.
  5. Communication
    Creating a clear narrative and regular, transparent communication that explains the why and wherefore of the need for transformation.

Link: Unlocking Success in Digital Transformations

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