13 August 2019

Digital Transformation Does Not Have to Be Disruptive

By Birsen Çevik Akgünlü

Digital Transformation is among the priorities of many companies. In the attached article, Harvard Business Review Turkey has addressed the urban myths about digital transformation and underlined the facts:

  • For most companies, digital transformation does not require the new to completely erase the old or radical changes to the company’s core value proposition. Misconceptions about this make ‘digital transformation’ seem daunting.
  • Digitalisation is about the customer, not just about technology as one might think!
  • Digitalisation brings the flexibility to work with hybrid models – physical and digital together. It does not completely eliminate physical work.
  • It is not necessary to renew all information systems at the same time in parallel with digital transformation. In fact, such an approach involves great risks. It is essential to disassemble the elephant.

I would also like to add to the myths:

  • The myth that robots will take over all human jobs with digital transformation is also a myth. Although digital technologies may lead to the loss of some jobs, new jobs are expected to be created as productivity gains increase investments.

Link: Digital transformation does not have to be disruptive

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August 2019